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When I came to the city, I had just had a rain. The blue-and-white blue sky is like a lake. The houses in the city are not very good rent. I spent a long time and finally chose a house on the edge of the city. It is extremely quiet here. There are mountains and lakes. I have settled down. Like the swallows that flew back in the spring, on the cool and hot land of the north. Flower, as scheduled. All three months, they can't wait to start showing off. This mountain has opened some unknown purple flowers, a small swing in the wind. Like a purple tassel surrounded by green hills, with some fascinating atmosphere. Every morning [url=]Marlboro Red[/url], many people come here for morning exercises. I live on the edge of the boulevard, open the curtains and see the leisurely people, carrying the sword, wearing a red belt, coming and going through here. The laughter they came from time to time made people feel excited. I have to get up. Although I didn't go running, I sat on the side of the road and began to appreciate their dancing swords and twisting yangko. The rising sun refracts in their wrinkles, and the sweat that oozes exudes a strange brilliance. The years are very wilting, only stay on the face, but on the skin, but not in the heart. It is like the hometown of my childhood. A few months after coming here, when the mountains were covered with grass and yellow wildflowers, I found this and their similarities. It is closely related. I remembered that I put my ear on the ground and listened to the movement inside the hill. There are sounds of birds singing, the sound of running water, the footsteps of people, and even the whisper of whispers [url=]Cigarettes Online[/url]. In short, I am wonderful for my childhood, I have always treasured it. June is over. The clouds in the sky are getting wet, and the shadows on the ground are getting denser. After a rain, the lake is clearer and more plentiful. There are many people who wash clothes here and even take a shower. They are not just washing clothes. They like this atmosphere [url=]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], the lively screams, the high and low screams. In this hot afternoon, I was able to vent. The women and the clothes are tangled together, twisting the bits and pieces of the years. I am not used to staying too long in one place. However, it has been here for half a year, and it has passed very quickly. I haven't had time to count it carefully. The days are like wild grasses, and suddenly they are withered and rotted. After the front yard of the hospital, there were a variety of chrysanthemums, and the aroma was tangy. Some fruits begin to mature and have the same harvest as my days. And these can't stop the cold, I shrugged. The mountains were ruined, and some were adorned with cypresses. Autumn is short. When people are busy in the blink of an eye, they disappear. The land was a bit hard and it felt a bit painful texture. After the first snow, the lake did not freeze. It is deeper and quieter. Around the stove, holding the seeds, pulling home, piled up with mahjong and talked. Winter is cold for them, nothing to do with them. They are happy, when the warmth leaves, the earth is stiff, but the heart is moist and soft. I am homesick. For the first time, I missed my hometown, my loved ones, and the hoe with wheat scent.

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